Liana Louzon

Official Photographer

Liana specializes in both event coverage and studio work and is very established in the fitness industry. Her work can be consistently seen on numerous Canadian and international fitness magazine covers and publications content including Oxygen, Inside Fitness, Maximum Fitness, Natural Muscle, Physique Magazine, Ultra Fit, Natural Bodz, Sweat Equity and Planet Muscle. Liana will be at our every event doing stage coverage as well as setting up backstage for studio shoots in between the shows.

Liana Louzon the official OPA photographer will be pre-booking private photo shoots on sight for those who are interested. This is a great opportunity to  develop or ad to your your portfolio with one of the top photographers in the fitness industry. Special packages will be available for those competing and priority booking will be extended to OPA members. Please contact Liana directly for info and to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

Liana will also be offering stage photography packages  at the registration and no pre-booking is necessary for stage photos.