More Than Half-Crazy

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When my sister Tara and I decided to do a half-marathon for my first of many midlife crisises, I had key chains made up for us that said. 

13.1 Only Half Crazy

The idea being that a half-marathon is only half-crazy compared to a full 26.2 mile marathon.

I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think *we* could do it.

Ultimately, we did 2 together and I did another on my own. So much for one-and-done.  I even hit my goal of under 2:30.

Posing and being judged in a bikini is closer to 90% crazy. I don't even own a regular bikini and I can barely walk in heels. My BMI, which sadly does reflect  my copious amounts of  celulite, is 0.3 away from OBESE. OMG! I've decided that sanity is overrated.


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