Road to Ripped Contest Prep Ep.9 - Full Day of Eating VLOG (All Meals / Macros)

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It's time for another episode in my Road to Ripped series, where I've been documenting my progress and Contest Prep for my first Men's Physique contest (Fouad's in Mississauga).

This VLOG follows me through a full day of eating (and training) and I show you all of my meals with all calories / macros listed, so you can see exactly how I plan my meals on an average day leading up to the comp. Here's the video:

I also discuss my macros goals and what I'll be adjusting moving forward. Hopefully this gives you some ideas and insight for managing your own nutrition plan if you're training for aesthetics. Nutrition is key if you want to gain muscle and especially related to fat loss! 

Here are the links I mentioned in the video:

The 3D Abs program I'm using

Post Workout Shake Recipe

Get Mental - The Psychology of Strength


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